Friday, July 07, 2006

Design Team member Candy Conner takes her turn at center stage today, as we introduce you, in-depth in their own words, to each of Scrapbook Generation's talented group.

Design Team Member #2: Candy Conner
Occupation: elementary principal (taught first, second, and third grades for 13 years)
Spouse: Jerry (they just celebrated their 20th anniversary)
Children: Jamison, 5, is going to kindergarten this fall! ("How will I handle those crying mothers on the first day when I will be crying myself.")
Hobbies other than scrapbooking: "Are you kidding? Scrapbooking is it, unless you count pulling weeds in my flower beds as a hobby."

-- How long have you been scrapbooking?
I guess I've always scrapbooked! You should see my pitiful collection of newspaper clippings from high school! But the true addiction began about five and a half years ago. Some of my husband's co-workers stopped by to find a jammie-clad, not showered, post partum, baby blues mama rocking her one-month old son. They delivered a receiving blanket lined basket full of scrapping goodies. The basket collected dust for almost a year. And so the addiction began!
-- When and where do you usually scrapbook?
I try to crop at least once a month. It's my treat to myself, a night out. However I find myself slacking since my scrapping buddy moved to Columbia two years ago. I tend to scrap at home a lot or at the lake cabin. In fact, my scrapbook bags are packed in my car right now.
-- How many pages do you complete in an average month?
It depends, usually 10-12 a month, but a good month is 20-plus layouts.
-- What do you enjoy most about scrapbooking?
Enjoy...well, it's more like love scrapbooking! It lets me relive and preserve memories for my family. It provides relaxation after a rough day.
-- Describe your scrapbooking style.
I spent the first few years scraplifting. I tried collage. I tried cutesy. Gee...I've tried all the latest from CK magazine. But for about a year now, I've discovered I like clean lines. Simple...straight...lines with a bit of flair.
--Why did being on the Design Team at Scrapbook Generation appeal to you?
A chance to display my work and inspire others.
-- Why is Scrapbook Generation your favorite scrapbook store?
I love Scrapbook Generation because they carry the latest scrapping goodies. They always think of all the little extras at crops and events. And hey, I figured I can't go wrong with fellow educators! Maybe in 14 years when I retire from education I can join the Scrapbook Generation staff!

Today's excitement at Scrapbook Generation:
New arrivals...
-- Deja Views: A wedding grouping in cream, black, and white featuring patterned papers, vellum quotes, and matching rub-ons -- very sophisticated!
-- Creating Keepsakes: the new idea book about patterned paper by Ali Edwards