Saturday, December 09, 2006

"Remember Me" Club reminder:
The deadline to sign up for Scrapbook Generation's exclusive "Remember Me" Club is Friday, December 15.

We are having a great response so far, and we're getting close to my 'hoped-for" goal number for the group. The whole idea seems to have struck a chord with many of you. We have a group of four in a neighboring town who are going to get together once a month to work on their pages, and several mother-daughter combos who are each going to do "Remember Me" albums!

I've had this idea ever since we opened SG over two years ago, but felt like I needed to wait until we were more established and knew more of you on a personal basis. (And to be honest, I've already got ideas for volumes two and three!)

Here's everything you need to know about the club!

"Remember Me" Page and Album Club features the beautiful Hannah album, papers, and embellishments from K & Company (on the right side of the above photo). Here's how the club works.

-- You receive a kit each month with enough cardstock, papers, and embellishments to make a one- or two-page layout. (January, June, July and December are one-page, and the rest are two-pages.) The kit will include a photo of a suggested layout, the page topic, and a variety of ways to journal this topic. This project is simple and doable, with easy suggestions for success.

-- For example, in February the page topic is "things I love." You'll have several options for presenting your personal favorites.

-- To get started in style, the first page kit is free! In January, you will receive the Hannah album, a $29.99 value, plus the first page kit, all for just $29.99.

-- After that, the monthly page kits are $12.99. You must sign up for the entire year to participate in the club. (VIP Club discounts do not apply.)

-- To participate, you must enroll and pay the first month's fee ($29.99) by December 15. After that, the $12.99 payments are automatically billed to your credit card on the first of each month, beginning February 1.

-- Each month after you complete your assignment, just tuck the pages in the album, and watch the memories grow. You won't have to wonder if anyone will "Remember Me."

-- In July of 2007 and January of 2008, we'll host get-togethers at Scrapbook Generation so all of us can share what we've created.