Friday, January 11, 2008

I don't have time to stop today and post a picture of more new stuff because I'm trying to rearrange all of Scrapbook Generation's cardstock to add in our 78 new colors, about half of which arrived today! The only one I had a hard time deciding about choosing was "grasshopper," because I'm absolutely terrified of them (I know that's irrational) and I wasn't sure if I wanted to sell cardstock that had a bad association for me! Anyway, when it arrived it's actually a pretty cool color. I just don't plan on using it myself! The most interesting color name is pauly-poo, which is a neat shade of blue. From now on, in addition to 240 colorful shades, we'll also have five different shades and textures of white, and five different shades and textures of black!

We did receive all of our Timeless Touches stitching templates order today, including multi-tool paper piercers and cork boards. For a brief time, at least, we have pretty much all the templates in stock!

Another surprise arrival today was the "Keep the Faith" religious collection by Flair: 14 papers and 4 sets of stickers. Very nice.

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