Saturday, June 14, 2008

My photos aren't quite as dramatic as the ones I saw in the News-Leader today, but we did get to witness some of the wrath of the flooding Friday from the safety and relative dryness of Scrapbook Generation's front porch! I had the early shift, so when I got here it was only sprinkling. When Karin drove up in the early afternoon, it was during the middle of the worst of the downpour, and she was so wet when she came in the store that she might as well have just dumped a bucket of water down her back!

At one point in the afternoon, she had me come over to the window to see the rising waters at the intersection of Battlefield and Jefferson. Some cars were going through the intersection and the water was up over the bottom of the vehicles, and anything that was coming fairly fast from the direction of Campbell and flying through the intersection splashed water so high that you couldn't see the vehicles. Quite entertaining...since I didn't have to get out in it. Scary for lots of others around the city who found themselves stranded!

Anyway, we actually had a great day here at SG! After four years, I have yet to be able to pinpoint the significance of bad weather (or good, for that matter) in determining our sales for the day.

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