Thursday, August 14, 2008

Judging by the photos from today and the ones from yesterday, it's safe to say that gals of all ages love to play with paper and scrapbooking supplies! Today at Scrapbook Generation, Stacey hosted a birthday party for a group of extremely well-behaved sixth graders!

When one of the moms contacted us a few weeks ago about the idea, Stacey created a chipboard album as a sample for the party-goers to use. Today, she turned them loose with some fun supplies like flowers, ribbons, glitter stickers, glitter brads, and more, and they created some really cute books to take home as keepsakes.


-- SugarTree papers arrived today, and we have papers for pretty much every type of deer, turkey, fish, and other creature hunted or fished.
-- We've only sent out letters for those attending the first retreat. Next week, the letters for the second retreat will be mailed.

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