Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Karin has been busy opening boxes at Scrapbook Generation this week! New arrivals include the following...

-- Dream Street: a fall/family/school group called Sam;
-- Creative Imaginations: a primary school collection;
-- Prima: more crystal accents;
-- Variety of companies: over 70 new sets of clear acrylic stamps, including a huge selection of Christmas themed stamps for holiday card-making, autumn stamps, alphabet sets, vintage sets, inchie sets, Mickey Mouse and Disney Princess sets, and even a cute set for those who are addicted to "texting!"

Karin has also been working on a project that we have felt the need to do for some time. When we opened five years ago, I think that about 95% of the paper was 59 or 60 cents. Now, prices range from 59 cents up to $2.49 for some of the glitter paper, although most is in the 69-89 cents range. For the past several months, we've been putting the price on paper that was more than 99 cents, and we've tried placing signs near paper groups, but were not totally happy with that system.  So we have a new system! In just a few more days, Karin will have completed her huge job of pricing every single sheet of paper in the store! Since there is such a large range of prices of paper now, we believe that this is a necessary part of serving our customers well.

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