Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Looks like we'll be playing the weather guessing game the next few days! With a class set for Thursday night, a Midnight Madness crop set for Friday night, and sketch sessions on Saturday, you can be sure that we're watching the forecasts with great interest.

If the weather does what they are predicting, before you set out to attend any of these activities, please be sure and call to make sure we are open. We will also announce here and on Facebook if we are rescheduling any of the above events, and try to call everyone if we are able to.

We obviously lose revenue when we have to close, but it is always a priority for me that my family doesn't have to take risks on dangerous roads for us to be open. It's just not that important. And I don't want any of you taking risks either! We can always reschedule classes and events.

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Anonymous said...

I pray you will miss the ice storm. I remember driving though after the last one.....

Linda from KS