Wednesday, February 03, 2010

DVD time is getting closer!

Last night, the director of "Scrapbook Generation presents 'Stretch Your Scrapbooking with Allison Davis'" brought by a clip of the DVD so we could see how things were going. We watched about 15 minutes of one of the segments, and I'm so impressed!

The DVD is going to be over two hours long, and includes nine teaching segments by Ali and her helper, Stacey. Allison is absolutely awesome. Her teaching style is very smooth, relaxed, and professional. The producer and all the rest of us agreed that she would look right at home on QVC or HGTV!

My favorite part was the overhead camera that shows a birds-eye view of the layout as Ali and Stacey are assembling it. You have a perfect view of all the techniques that are being demonstrated.

If you haven't already pre-ordered a copy, go to our website (link at right) to sign up with your name and phone number. We'll call you for payment info when the DVD comes out in late February or early March!

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