Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanks so much for pushing us past the goal of 1,000 Scrapbook Generation fans on Facebook! I've loved Facebook since early last year when I found I could reconnect with lots of my high school buddies. And here at SG, we've quickly discovered how easy/quick/fun it is to use the site for short messages, silly comments, information about approaching activities, photos of SG in action, and links to blog or website items we think you might be interested in. It's also a great way to reach us if you have a private message or question for one of the SG gang.

There's no doubt about it.

We're living a charmed life right now. We've been around for almost six years, and gone through some difficult times and some easier times. Scrapbook Generation has always been a family affair. Two sets of sisters...Debbie and Karin, Stacey and Allison. At this moment, we can all feel that the hard work and long hours are starting to pay off and that something big is about to happen for us. The national interest in Allison and our products has been overwhelming in the past few months, and we have dozens of ideas swirling around about how best to present and market what we do here on a national scale.

I taught journalism at tiny Mansfield High School for 25 years, and each spring, we matched up in contests on the state and national levels with schools far exceeding our size and resources. I always pushed my students to believe that being from a little school meant nothing. With knowledge and talent, they could compete with the big guys. And they did.

I have the same attitude about our business. I think that being from a little business means nothing. I think we can compete with the big guys!

Just check out Facebook later today for the question we're asking of our fans. The photos above are the prize packages we'll be awarding. We'll pick a random winner from both our "local" and "long-distance" fans. Good luck!


Chris said...

So happy for your continued growth!! I'll be proud to say that "I knew you when..." :)

Penny Peck said...

I am thrilled I signed up for this Saturday's class - love it (as usual!). So glad you all are here to add color to our lives!

Scrapbook Generation said...

Thanks to both of you! Always enjoy having you at all our activities. -- Debbie

dawn said...

Congratulations on your continued success. You've all worked very hard to get this far and it shows. I love how in touch to all your customers and fans you are. I can't join facebook but wanted to congratulate you. My biggest wish would be to come to your store and meet everyone and my most biggest wish would be to have your store here by me!! You are wonderful and thanks for all the inspiration you give us!!

TracyM #6773 said...

Great to hear that you are all getting some well deserved success :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

I sooo wish I were a local customer. We do not have any scrapbooking stores near me, just the big boys, Michales, JoAnns...sigh, well thank goodness for the interent :) Thanks for the great giveaway. I can not believe I won! I NEVER win anything lol :)