Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It’s time to take a leap of faith.
Starting July 27, Scrapbook Generation will no longer be just a retail store.
That day, we also become a wholesale business exhibiting at the CHA Summer Show in Chicago.

We’ll be marketing and selling our Sketches for Scrapbooking books to other scrapbook stores. This huge change in our business comes after much encouragement from others and much discussion among ourselves.

Our sketch books have been around for almost three years. In the beginning, our local customers bought them. Then travelers bought them. Then a few people bought them on our website. As time went on, we began getting orders from people all over the country who had seen one of the books at a retreat or a crop or at a friend’s house. A few months ago, the chatter started on the “Two Peas in a Bucket” message board, and things just snowballed.

We started getting calls from scrapbook store owners in other states inquiring about purchasing the books from us at wholesale prices so they could sell them in their stores. The first few calls, we said "we're flattered, but just aren’t set up to do that." But then we started talking about the possibilities. Next, someone representing a major scrapbooking company and with contacts to a major chain of craft stores contacted Allison with praise for the books, and with the suggestion that they could be exciting, unique, and viable products at the national level.

Our interest level in pursuing wholesaling perked up considerably!

To do this, there are some changes coming. All this time, we’ve been printing and binding the books ourselves. We’ve burned up one laser printer, and abandoned a hand-crank binding machine for an electronic one. Now, the books will be professionally printed. The cover has been given a facelift, and although the sketches in each volume will remain the same, the key/legend and measurements and placement directions will be uniform.

Stacey and Allison will be representing Scrapbook Generation at CHA in Chicago. They’ve already worked out the basic design for the displays, and one of the most exciting aspects is that the SG booth will be across the aisle from “Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker,” a local company we’ve been proud to partner with on numerous occasions.

I want to share with you some of the comments -- with no editing on my part -- by people on the Two Peas message board. These comments are by people from all over the country. They are a large part of why we made the decision. And why we think we've made the right decision.

• “I have all of them, and there really isn't one that's better than the other- they're all great!!”

• “I also have all 5 books and they are the best I have ever used. Best buy ever!!”

• “Well after scrapping a 2-page layout yesterday using one of her free sample sketches on her site, I am TOTALLY hooked and want all five of her sketchbooks now. I couldn't believe how fast this layout came together, how awesome it looks and how I only used strips of patterned paper for it with a cardstock background.”

• “i *know* you will love them!!!! i have made several LO's using them. I just love looking at the sketches and see so much potential!!!! i really don't know what it is about this type of sketch but my brain seems to absorb them so easily!!! i have bh's [Becky Higgins’] sketch books (all of them!) and page maps and all the free downloads from sb etc. and Allison's books are hands down the easiest for me. I'm saying this b/c I do believe in them and I am not being paid to say this!!! BUT if they wanted to reward me for saying it, I'd gladly accept a free book! LOL!”

• “I just completed a 2 page LO in about 30 minutes with one of the sketches! This is amazing for me because I am very slow usually.”

• “I think that each scrapper has different go-to tools for when we create most successfully. For me, Allison Davis sketches are one of my go-to tools and share "prime real estate" on my scrapping table along with my ruler, ATG, and paper cutter.”

• “I enjoy scrapbooking more and get more accomplished using the Allison Davis/Scrapbook Generation sketches and that is why I look forward to subsequent editions.”

• “I see what you're asking about have 5+ SKETCH BOOKS from the same person, but I guess you could ask the same thing about a year's worth of CK or SBEtc."

• “For me, it never ceases to amaze me how many combinations you can come up with for a 12x12 area (much less a 12x24 area). While some of her SKETCHES may be SIMILAR, there really is SO MUCH VARIETY in her books, it's worth it to have them all.”

• “If I had to choose between all of my CK's or the 3 AD [Allison Davis] SKETCHBOOKS I have, I'd choose the SKETCHBOOKS. (And, in my opinion, HER SKETCHES top ANY other SKETCH ARTIST's by a MILE.)”

• “For me, I bought all 5 mainly because I know I'm going to use the heck out of them. I've followed Ali Davis for years in CK and her blog, and I know beforehand what I'm getting with her books. I LOVE the way she does layouts and it matches my style perfectly. She also uses mostly 4x6 photos or sizes you can crop from 4x6 whereas, say, Becky Higgins uses a variety of photo sizes, enlargements, odd sizes, etc., which I'm not a fan of. Again, I KNOW that the Ali Davis books will get a lot of use at my house whereas I can't say that about other sketch books I've bought.”

• “she is totally the queen of 2 pagers...I love her!”

• “I use the Allison Davis sketches for 99% of the LO's I do. This weekend I did both one and two page LO's and found just the inspiration I needed - all from Allison's sketches.”

• “I particularly like these sketches because they
-use a neutral background (something I personally like)
-she suggests types of patterns that best fit the design
-typically use 4x6 photos
-look GREAT when done”

• “as I wait for my sketch books to arrive I used one of the sketches from their websites (they have some really good sample sketches) and I "test drove" another sketch and OMG! i think that's the quickest I've ever done a LO that actually looked decent!!! LOL! I don't know why this method works with my brain! I have all of BH's [Becky Higgins’] sketch books, Page Maps, but I've never really been to excited about the sketches until this book and I'm a 'seasoned" typical scrapper! Most of all I love that you can do a 2 page LO! that's what was always holding me up in terms of finishing a LO! I am so happy with the results of these 2 sketches I've "test driven" I CANNOT wait for my books to arrive and you bet I'm gonna order some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

• “I so love these sketch books! I think I have almost every sketch book made these are the easiest to use and the layouts are so good when completed. They are also the quickest to finish, I have probably finished about 40 pages in the last 6 weeks which is alot for me.”

• “I can't say enough good things about these sketch books. I currently own 3 and I have her DVD on pre-order. The sketches come together amazingly easy with the given pp measurements. I love that her style is nothing like my style, so it gives my albums a nice variety of looks.”

• “I think the big difference is that the measurements for every piece of the LO are included. With Becky Higgins sketches the photo sizes are there, but you have to guess everything else. Allison's sketches even include how far from the bottom or top some pieces go. She also uses a color code to suggest big pattern, little pattern, stripes and cardstock. This has helped me sooooo much.”

• “anything that will cut down on the shifting photos/chunks of paper around my page for hours on end while getting cranky and lets me get to the fun stuff sooner is money well spent to me!”

• “I used my new Allison Davis sketch books too! I got 8 layouts done today! That is so un-heard of for me!!!!”

• “The sketches are so versatile and make scrapping fun. My scrapbooking has amped up in volume, style, and personal satisfaction since I discovered Allison Davis' sketches!”

• “I have the *other* sketch books by other authors, but somehow it just didn't work for me. Your books for some reason work with my ADHD brain!!!!! I can't explain it, but they speak to me like the others one don't!!”

• “I am a fairly linear scrapper and, I have to say, I think I am going to LOVE these books! They maintain my linear style without having EVERYTHING all in a line, all of the time. I can see that these are going to be my FAVORITE scrapping tool of all time!”

And just added tonight...a new thread on Two Peas titled "I think we need an Allison Davis forum." The post? "There are five threads about her sketch books on the first page...so why not just start a new forum?"

All I can say is we're lovin' it!


Christel said...
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dawn said...

This is awesome news SG, so very happy for all of you. All of you work so hard and are so dedicated to helping your customers, thank you for all you do. I would have said something too, I love love her style and the way she doesn't use a whole piece of paper, you get more layouts with just using the strips. I love using 4x6 since that's what I mostly have. Her sketches always blow me away every sketch week. The best news is this is something I can get hopefully on the East Coast, I'm not going to miss out on something else this time. Yeah Me!! Concratulations to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all of the comments and Debbie... I know you many sketches are from you! You are very talented.

Linda from KS

scarthur said...

Congrats!! That is amazing!!

Amy form KC said...

Congratulations! Stacey's sketches for cards should be distributed, too. It is also awesome. I have ALL of the books you guys have made. Now, I will be able to look at my copies and think, "Gee, I knew them when..." :)

Scrapbook Generation said...

Thanks, everyone! Yes, we'll still be selling the books in the store and online. And yes, Stacey's cardmaking sketch book is also going to CHA.

And Linda, I think Ali's style comes from what she learned in my journalism classes, so I'm claiming bragging rights for everything! -- Debbie