Saturday, July 31, 2010

A few SG updates...
It's crazy around here at the end of the month, as we prepare the hundreds of club kits, but especially crazy this month, with CHA in Chicago just wrapping up.

Allison is the organized one. She had the kits for her two clubs ready and packaged before she left.

I'm the semi-organized one. I had some kits done before CHA, but I've also been finishing up two of my club layouts today. I thought I could get some stuff done while I was keeping Drew and Jackson for the week, but for some reason I needed a daily nap.

Stacey is the organizationally-challenged one. She seems to do her best work at the last minute. I've learned to not ask if she has her clubs done. She probably doesn't at this point.

Karin is the super-organized one, but she has to wait on the rest of us to finish up so she can do her part, so I suspect that several of us will be sneaking in Sunday afternoon to get everything cut and packed so that the "shipping department" can be fully operational come Monday morning!

Despite all the craziness, your August layout, card, and album club kits will be ready for you to pick up here at SG on Monday, and shipping will be on schedule as well!

August/September print newsletters...
The August and September print newsletters should be mailed by mid-week, so most of you should have them by Friday. The main activity coming up early in the month is the August Super-Saver Scrapbooking sessions, set for Saturday, August 7. I'll post photos here and send out an email newsletter early in the week.

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