Wednesday, February 09, 2011

More snow, more snow...
Because of the continuing snowfall, and the extreme cold, Scrapbook Generation will be closed Wednesday, Feb. 9. If you are enrolled in the card class tonight with Kristi VanDoren, you'll have the option of taking it this Saturday at noon, or at an alternate time.

This is the weirdest thing. I love a good snow day! Always have, even the winter of 1980 when we didn't go to school a single day in January. Stacey and I would sprawl out in the floor next to the sliding glass door and watch the snow pile up. I loved to say "more snow, more snow!"

Today however, I was all fired up to get back to SG and work. I was so disappointed when I discovered that if I had any sense, I should stay home today. Karin and I had made so much progress yesterday on finally getting started on some of the mounds of products we still have left to put out from Palooza, and on the new CHA stuff that is already starting to arrive. She got all the new My Mind's Eye processed and out of the's beautiful! We also have a wonderful new selection of Dreamweaver stencils, tools, and embossing pastes.

I spent the day working on the seasonal and school areas. We ran out of the acrylic paper trays right after we moved to the new building, and wouldn't you know, they are out-of-stock until mid-March (along with the 10 new display fixtures we'll be putting in the front of the store hopefully before our grand-reopening April 2). Since we're a very impatient bunch, we ordered some wire racks to use in a few areas, which freed up some trays we can now use to put out more of the collections from Palooza. And just to let you know how resourceful I am, I found 50 paper trays on eBay and was a successful bidder!

Anyway, we were really on a roll yesterday. The seasonal areas finally look decent, and the "new wall" looks fantastic! I'll post photos Thursday of the new products. Hope you enjoy your snow day, but if you have to get out, take it easy and go slow!

I'm going to go work on the sketch layout for Saturday...I'll post a photo here later today.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the efforts of all your hard work Saturday.