Thursday, April 07, 2011

Doodlebug Create-a-Card is here!

Talk about a cheerful rainbow of color...Doodlebug's new Create-a-Card display has certainly brightened Scrapbook Generation. There are eight styles of cards and matching envelopes in nine colors, providing 72 choices (if my math is right!). The cards are each a mix of solids and light patterns, and the matching envelopes have decorative openings like scallops or bracket shapes. Many of the card styles are also tri-folds, so that provides even more fun options.

There are many great things about these cards and envelopes, including the price of 75 cents each, which makes them much more affordable than purchased cards. Since the cards already have decorative features, they can be used with no decoration, but on the other hand, they give you a blank canvas with which to design your own unique creation.

And since all the other Doodlebug products we carry automatically coordinate with the cards, it's easy to make a cute card...quickly! Think cardstock letter stickers, mini-brads, paper frills, and more!

We'll try to keep 12-24 of each design in stock, but if you need a larger quantity for a special event, we'll be happy to order them for you.

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