Saturday, September 17, 2011

We're making a small change...
Right now, we are finalizing our last print newsletter. Our four-page every-other-month print newsletter will be discontinued after the October-November edition. Here are the reasons...
• We get a greater response to store activities from email newsletters than from the traditional print newsletter.
• We can provide more detailed information and more timely information, plus color photos, through this blog and through email newsletters.
• We will be saving time and eliminating duplicated efforts.

Since we realize that not everyone has access to a computer, we'll still have printed calendars available at the checkout counter each month.

The monthly calendar is always available in the left sidebar area of this page. We also plan to have it available as a printable PDF file, similar to the way you can print out sketches on the Sketch Support website.

We plan on establishing a regular pattern for the email newsletters, as a replacement. If everything goes right, we'll send one out weekly, usually on Sunday or Monday. These newsletters may have more than one topic, unlike most of the ones we send out now.

If you would like your email address added to our list, please send it to

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