Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Extra-special message board comment...

As many of you know, we have an extremely loyal following on several message boards. I've talked before about our "mega-thread" (almost 100,000 views and nearing 3,000 comments) on the Two Peas message board, and there was a super-nice post this week that I asked if I could share here.  

Here's what KarenM wrote about Scrapbook Generation products...

"Brought more scrappers to the SG light! I was at a weekend scrap retreat with all my books (they are in two binders sorted by the number of pics on the layouts). Since my last retreat in September two of the girls had bought all the books and one has joined the Super Sketch Club. This past weekend the layouts were flying all over the room and everyone was getting the ordering information so I expect more will be shipping this week. I know for sure one more person is going to join the Super Sketch Club. I got 58 pages done, all with the sketches and love every single one of them. Once people 'get' how these work they are hooked. One of the girls there is a very experienced and talented scrapper. She had never seen them before and didn't really think they would work for her. By the end of the first day she was on her third sketch and used them all weekend. Thank you so much to all the girls at SG. By having the sketches as a jumping off point you have taken (for me) the stressful part out of designing pages. They allow me to focus on paper, embellishments and journaling which make the pages my own. These books have allowed me to enjoy scrapping again!"

And we send that "thanks" right back to Karen and to all the others who share information about our sketches books and our clubs. You are the reason we've been so successful, and the reason our books and kits are used all over the globe. We can't say enough times how much this is appreciated!

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connie said...

I had a scrappy weekend with my 2 BFF and we used the 3 sketch books I have and used them the whole weekend too. I love my sketch books and have the ones I don't have on my wish list!