Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yesterday about 4 pm, I checked the live traffic feed on the SG blog (on the right sidebar). It's always fun to see where our visitors live, and it's rare for all of the most recent 10 visitors to be from the US. Yesterday, at the same time, we had visitors from Jerusalem, London, and Queensland, Australia, mixed in with the local gang!

Scrapbooking is most definitely an international hobby, and sketches seem to appeal to all. Our sketches downloads are the perfect format for international scrapbookers, and they are really starting to discover us! 
 We already had an audience in Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia, and South Africa. Now some of our most recent Facebook fans are from other areas of the globe, including Jaipur, India; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Bogota, Columbia; Baghdad, Iraq; plus Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, and more. 
Welcome! There is truly a worldwide love of scrapbooking!


טשופילה said...

I think it's me from Jerusalem.... :)
I come here often. You have a lovly blog and a good insparation...
Anat (Tshupile)

Scrapbook Generation said...

Anat, that's so exciting, and thanks for letting us know who you are. I live in a small Missouri town of less than 1,300 people, so your location seems exotic to me.

It's fun to know that scrapbooking and paper crafts are universal!

-- Debbie