Thursday, November 29, 2012

New sketches books, part one!

We're happy to announce that Scrapbook Generation will publish two new sketches books to coincide with winter CHA in mid-January.

These two books, and all future SG books, will be available in the traditional print format, and also in the new downloadable eBook format. In addition, plans are for both of these new print books to include color photos of sample layouts for all the sketches, which is a new direction for us. Like the print books, eBooks will also include the sample layouts.

One of the new books we release in January will be a one-page, one-photo volume by Debbie Sanders. Each of the sketches will feature one uncropped 4x6 or 6x4 photo, with lots of layering of papers and embellishments.

The layout sample shown in this post is an example of the concept, but is not one of the sketches in the book. (This was part of the recent downloadable sketch trio available for purchase in our online store. To download this sketch and two others for $1.29 for all three sketches, click here.)

The second new book will feature double-page layouts by Allison Davis and Debbie Sanders. It is a unique venture that involves a partnership we will announce jointly later in December. We can't wait to tell you the full details!


janet said...

Cannot wait for more details! You gals are really working hard on cotinually giving us tremendous amounts of inspiration- this scrapbooker THANKS YOU A MILLION TIMES!

I just downloaded the new class- Photo Arrangment by Allison and it is SO AWESOME. Truly, truly SO many ideas, sketches, and information. It is like having Allison sitting rihgt beside you.
And a true BARGAIN at just $15- wow!

Again- another HOME RUN for Allison and the team at SG. My class downloaded very fast and the class contents were so clear and concise and organized. Again- another great point in your downloads. Everything is as described.

Okay- enough from me. Just a very appreciative scrapper who CANNOT wait to go create with this class.

Warm smiles ~ Janet

Scrapbook Generation said...

Thanks, Janet! It's always good to hear from you, and it's especially nice to get such specific feedback on our products.

I'm always impressed with Allison's classes and how thorough and clear she. (I think she must have had a world-class English/journalism teacher -- ha, ha!)

Have a productive day!

Scrapbook Generation said...

Of course, her world-class English teacher can no longer proofread well...

"clear she is."


janet said...

Now Debbie, you know we mustn't end a sentence with a Something I am teaching my own daughter this month.

And as far a mothers go- you just about get the grand prize on that. Your daughters are truly amazing, caring and talented women. I guess the apple didn't fall far..and is that another preposition ending gone wrong??? lol....
Smiles ~ Janet

Amy said...

So excited!! Can't wait to see them!