Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Employee of the Year!

As many of you know, it took the four of us a long, long, long, long time before we admitted we needed help at SG in order to continue to grow. Lindsey Amschler has been with us about a year, and she's something else! She was sick and missed a couple of days work at the end of last week, but came in yesterday morning for work. Long story short, she made it as far as the chair in the lobby. I've never seen anyone so pale!

She obviously was in no shape to work, or even stand up, so I sent her right back home. She said she hated to miss work because she knew we had so much to get done.

We found out last night that she went to urgent care and now has a good supply of antibiotics! It sounds like she may be out for a while, and we'll miss her, for sure, but as I told her, the Super Sketch Club never ends! It will still be here when she gets back!

Although it took us a long time to hire someone, we couldn't have possibly done any better. Lindsey's behavior yesterday makes me feel bad about the times over my life when I may or may not have stayed home with an ailment nearing the severity level of a hangnail. She was seriously ill and still tried to get here because she didn't want to let us down. How lucky are we? Very!

So, I know you'll be with us wishing Lindsey a speedy recovery!

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