Thursday, May 01, 2014

all ready for the golden ticket winners

Another sign that Saturday and National Scrapbooking Day are rapidly approaching. Five gift baskets, each containing well over $125 in supplies by your favorite companies, are ready and waiting for a good home.

We'll be giving away goodie bags (filled with $20 worth of scrapbooking fun, including a layout kit) to the first 200 people on Saturday who make a purchase of at least $25. Five of the goodie bags will contain Golden Tickets, redeemable for the gift baskets. And 10 more of the goodie bags will contain $25 gift cards.

We'll use the number system that has worked smoothly before, so that everyone doesn't have to come in and try to shop first thing in the morning. Starting at 8 am, we'll hand out numbers outside the entrance. If you take a number, you can come back at any time during the day and shop at your leisure, with the guarantee that you'll get one of the goodie bags.

This is always a fun day at SG, and don't forget that we also will have great sales, a free card class in the lobby with Lindsey, and more chocolate than we can all eat!

Please join us as we celebrate this hobby that we love!


Anonymous said...

Can we qualify with an online order for the golden ticket???

janet said...

oh wow!!!! double wow!!!

What awesome things you have planned for the store. Lucky ducks!!!

I will make it to SG for a NSD event, I will, I will, I will.

And those baskets look soooo happy just sitting there. lol.

Scrapbook Generation said...

Hey, Janet...hope your NDS is fabulous!

Golden tickets is a promotion for local customers this time around. We tried to plan an assortment of prizes and rewards for both online and local customers -- but it's not all exactly the same. However, 10 orders placed online during our NSD Week will have $25 SG gift cards tucked inside! You'll definitely be in the running for that!