Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thanks for your great support!

The customer garage sale held Friday and Saturday was an unqualified success! Thanks so much to the dozens and dozens of shoppers who came out in search of some great bargains.

We started off Friday with tables packed full of goodies from a variety of sellers, and by the end of the day Saturday...not so much! Let's just say that we had enthusiastic shoppers both days, including groups that traveled from as far away as Oklahoma and St. Louis just for a little retail (or garage sale) therapy.

The only other time we tried one of these events was back in 2006, and for some reason, we didn't try another one until now. With the success of this weekend, we'll definitely be hosting more. And based on quite a few people inquiring about taking part as sellers, we'll give it a try sometime in early fall, maybe in September. We'll check on dates and let you know as soon as possible.

Again, thanks so much from SG and from the ladies who participated as sellers -- they'll all be enjoying spending their profits for new goodies at SG!

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