Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January clubs sneak peeks...still time to order!

Thanks for such a great response to
"doubling down" in 2015!

We've doubled the value of our four first-of-the-month layouts clubs.
All four have always made one double-page layout.
Starting now, the clubs each make two double-page layouts.

Three of the clubs
(Girl Crazy, Boy Crazy, and the Allison Davis Page Kit Club)
remain the same price -- $14.99.
Double the layouts for the same price.

The Generation Page Club has changed from $12.99 to $14.99.
Double the layouts for only $2 more.

Here are sneak peeks of the January clubs, including the Generation Card Kit Club.

And there's more.

After you've been in one or more of the clubs for the first month,
you get a price break for being in more than one club.

• Pay full price ($14.99) for the first club
•  Pay only $12 for any additional club

The January Boy Crazy Club is sold out.

There is still time to receive the other kits shown above!

Auto-billing on the first of the month will start on February 1.

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