Monday, January 19, 2015

We have outgrown our online store!

Scrapbook Generation will be making an exciting change...soon!

After only one year, we have outgrown the online store.

• a completely revamped website

• more product space

• better features and functionality (including an easy-to-use wish list,
product comparison, themed gift cards, ability to check gift card balance, and more)

• improved user capabilities and navigation

• improved (and seriously fun and flexible) customer loyalty program

• a centralized experience, with everything SG in one place, including the blog

• better shipment tracking capabilities

To make this change, 
will be down for about a week.
This will happen soon, but we don't know the specific dates yet.

Why you need to know this.
• Please download any items you have purchased but not downloaded as soon as possible (downloads will not transfer into the new system).

Don't worry!
• Customer information transfers to the new site. If you already have an account, you will only have to set up a new password.

• Customer loyalty points will not transfer, but we are reviewing every individual's purchases, and will start each of you off at the new site with the credits you have earned (and credit for any unused loyalty rewards). With the new loyalty program, you'll be able to earn extra points for a variety of activities, and you'll be able to choose from several rewards.

• Gift cards from the current store will transfer.

• If you have any questions, we'll be happy to help.

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janet said...

CONGRATS to ALL of you. Needed a bigger and better online store is just awesome. I am so happy for you gals. You truly are such a BLESSING to this industry.