Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I just have time for a quick note today. My mother and I are leaving on an Alaskan cruise tomorrow, and so this week has been a blur. She is a reluctant participant, so I hope everything goes well. We're going with a group of about 50 sponsored by my cousin Leslie's cross stitch and framing store in Bolivar. My mom's twin sister is Leslie's mother, so I thought it would be a good trip for the "twins" to make together.

I didn't get the Style to Go kits for this week done, and I apologize. When I get back, I'm going to crank out several, and get caught up.

I'll also announce the Design Team when I get back, and I'm going to introduce you to each one of them "in-depth!" They are so talented, and just an all-round nice, friendly, enthusiastic, scrapbook-lovin' group. I know that working with them will be fun.

Be sure and stop in Scrapbook Generation and let my sister Karin vent about not getting to go on the cruise. I suggested that she go with us, but our mom said "Karin needs to stay and run the store." So while I'm off having a great time, she'll be working! Aren't sisters wonderful?