Monday, May 08, 2006

National Scrapbook Day turned out to be a rousing success at Scrapbook Generation...I think. I can't testify to everything that went on around here that day, because I was gone part of the time, due to that thing my sister Karin calls "overbooking." Translated, that means I rarely and/or never turn down a chance to promote scrapbooking, which further means that sometimes I wear both of us out.

About a year ago, I told a friend that I would present a program on scrapbooking at the state Lions Club convention in the spring of 2006. Who knew that it would fall on National Scrapbook Day, one of the most hectic days here at the store. But it did.

I spoke to about 125 women (and a couple of men) at the spouse luncheon at the Missouri Lions Club Convention, held at University Plaza Hotel. I told them my top ten reasons why scrapbooking is a great hobby, and then they each assembled a tag from a kit we had put together for them. I hope they enjoyed themselves. It was an honor for me to take part in their convention, since my dad was a Lions Club member for almost 50 years.

Back at the store, we had 20 women cropping for 12 hours as part of our National Scrapbook Day hoopla. We used a luau theme, and I believe that everyone had a great time. I know I did. I was worn out, and Karin was too, but I just had a wonderful feeling when the day was finally over.

Last year at this time, we were still a new-new-new store, and we were still feeling our way in the new roles we had created for ourselves at Scrapbook Generation. This year, most of the croppers here all day were "regulars" we have come to know and care about. Over the past year and a half, they have learned about our lives, and we have learned about theirs. As we laughed and talked together, I felt like I was entertaining friends in my home, not customers in my store.

So even though there was overbooking going on, what a great day it was here!

Today's excitement at Scrapbook Generation:
New arrivals...
-- Queen & Company: Beadifuls (in lip gloss containers), Sassy Sequins (in compacts, with matching mini-brads), and Fab Flowers (huge sequins);
-- Sweet and Simple: a new page kit using Chatterbox paper and Bazzill cardstock.

-- The front table is loaded with items marked down 50%.