Sunday, October 15, 2006

Design Team member Jane Hunt takes her turn at center stage today, as we introduce you, in-depth in their own words, to each of Scrapbook Generation's talented group. (FYI, Jane was the winner of both of the "people's choice" (all those attending voted on the winners) contest categories -- best overall and designer's challenge -- at our recent Branson retreat.

Design Team Member #4: Jane Hunt
Occupation: small business owner (Designs + Printing); bookkeeper for her husband's surveying business; promotes a weekend crop twice annually at Lake Ozark, MO; teaches classes in her home crop room
Spouse: married 35 years to Michael
Children: Amie (stepdaughter) 37, Jason 33, Jami 29, Butch 26 (also 6 grandchildren -- Shelby and Tyler, 14-year old twins; Ashton 13, Avery 12, Logan 2, and Molly 1)
Hobbies other than scrapbooking: all types of crafts, gardening, home decorating, photography

-- How long have you been scrapbooking? Six years.

-- When and where do you usually scrapbook? Even though I have a large scrapbook room, I generally scrapbook in the evening in front of the TV. My husband enjoys me being close by.

-- How many pages do you complete in an average month? I average 6-10 pages per month. Not exactly a marathon scrapper!

-- Describe your scrapbooking style. Not really sure there is a name, I like to go strictly by my photos to design a page. I would have to say I like clean pages, not too much clutter. I like to coordiante colors, textures, and prints. For the most part I like variety which is what you get when you design around your photos.

-- What do you enjoy most about scrapbooking? The creating is what interested me at first, then I realized the necessity. Once I "retired" from the craft show circuit I needed to allow my creative juices to escape, and this seemed to be the best way to do that. It became apparent rather quickly that I was doing something for myself and more importantly for my family.

-- Have you been published? Yes, but not for scrapbooking. I've been a designer of three publications for Leisure Arts.

--Why did being on the Design Team at Scrapbook Generation appeal to you? Mainly because I love a challenge. I also feel that by being on the design team I will keep in touch with the trends and new products available.

-- Why is Scrapbook Generation your favorite scrapbook store? I enjoy going into Scrapbook Generation for several reasons. It has a bright, cheery and spacious atmosphere, there are plenty of items to choose from but not overwhelming or mindboggling, and the layouts on display are great sources of inspiration.