Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You know that it's fall when you wake up in the morning and there are turkeys in your yard! All you city gals won't be able to relate, but my life in the country includes watching whatever wildlife happens to stroll by.

I've seen groundhogs, skunks, rabbits (though not as many as when I lived in town), quail, coyotes, porcupines, racoons, and armadillos. Deer we see several times a week, but I'll have to admit that the two huge turkeys today were pretty cool. They must have been a matched set, and I assumed the smaller one was a female. Every once in a while, the larger one would ruffle up his tail feathers for the traditional turkey pose. They circled the house for quite some time, and it was fun watching them.

Anyway, I have the day off tomorrow, and I'm going to get out some autumn photos and make some scrapbook pages. Like many of you, I don't get to do that as often as I would like. This Friday, we have plans to take Andrew to the pumpkin patch, and I can't wait...I'll really have plenty of pics to work with then!

Fun week at Scrapbook Generation...we've had new stuff from Daisy D's, Bo-Bunny, KI Memories, and SugarTree, to name a few.

Daisy D's has three Christmas and winter collections that are just filled with nostalgia. Beautiful papers are accented by matching monogram letters, phrases, ribbon flowers, tags, and more.

Bo-Bunny, as always, has cute papers and matching stickers. The groups we have include father, mother, fall, pink dog, and family/friends. A couple of the groups have matching ribbons.

KI Memories Christmas and winter collections just came in today, and I think KI is really on a roll! Their papers are outstanding, but when you add in two matching ribbon sets for each season, the cool lab kits with sparkle brads, sequins, and more, and chipboard shapes and letters, you have a really awesome package.

SugarTree has us all set for what I was talking about earlier-- turkeys! We have quite a collection now of hunting and fishing papers, plus new sports papers in basketball, baseball, football, karate, running, volleyball, bowling, and more.