Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Design Team member Jennifer Mattix takes her turn at center stage today, as we introduce you, in-depth in their own words, to each of Scrapbook Generation's talented group.

Design Team Member #5: Jennifer Mattix
Occupation: formerly in catering/sales, Jennifer just started a new job as the high tech sales specialist for Patterson Dental
Spouse: Joshua
Children: Tyler, 14 and Aaron, 10
Hobbies other than scrapbooking: gourmet cooking, photography, art and reading, women's ministries

-- How long have you been scrapbooking?
I was scrapping long before it was scrapbooking. I became a hard-core scrapper in 1999.

-- When and where do you usually scrapbook?
Any place I can spread out my "scrap crap!" I scrap every Thursday night at the very least. My scrapping is usually done at home with a lot of input from my husband and sons! I'm a late night scrapper, that's for sure!

-- How many pages do you complete in an average month?
10-12 double layouts and 7-8 single pages on average in a month.

-- Describe your scrapbooking style.
To describe my style is hard. If I could sum it up I would use the word heartfelt. Every page is done with my heart as well as my hands to help create something that is meaningful and expressive. I want to convey what I think and what I feel. As far as a style...I would say clean. I love clean lines that allow the focus to be on the photos, the journaling and the memory.

-- What do you enjoy most about scrapbooking?
I love the creative outlet that it allows me as well as an opportunity to share it with other people. It's like taking a memory and turning it into a dream. It is a chance for me to work through the things that have happened in my life that were painful or hard to share with others. I began scrapping right after my husband died in 1998 and it was a wonderful way to work through the loss as well as capture the memories when they were so fresh and vivid in my mind for my boys. I love that I can bring joy and happiness to people with what I do.

--Why did being on the Design Team at Scrapbook Generation appeal to you?
I want to grow and learn. I want to continually evolve with the changes that are always coming in this business and I want to master new techniques. I want to use the time to really inspire others and myself to make dreams spring to life. and I want to meet as many people as I can and touch others in an effort to help them create, learn and grow.

-- Why is Scrapbook Generation your favorite scrapbook store?
Because everyone has always made an effort to get to know me and who I really am. They are genuinely interested in my work and ideas. It's the most fun place to be!