Friday, January 26, 2007

Yesterday, I spent part of my day at Ava High School, presenting a program on scrapbooking to a group of high school students and faculty members. Pat Henry, the history and video teacher, is organizing a scrapbooking club, and the great thing about it is that she has written a grant to partially fund the club.

We talked about the reasons why we should all be preserving our memories in an acid-free environment, and some of the basic steps in creating a page. Some of them are true beginners, while others just want to get more involved in the hobby. We had a great time talking and looking at sample pages.

What is impressive about the group is that they plan to meet after school every Thursday in the high school library to work on pages! They're also talking about making a "field trip" to Scrapbook Generation at some point.

It's always wonderful for us to be able to share our love for this hobby with others. Since we've been open, I've also presented programs on scrapbooking at the Missouri Lions Club Convention, the Tower Club, and on KOLR-10 television! Now we'll add Ava High School to the list!