Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Allison had a great turnout for her first Hall of Fame layout series at Scrapbook Generation tonight, with 11 people signed up. The class project is typical Ali-style, with stitching and swirls, yet the focus still remains on the story told by the photos.

I had fun last night taking a class taught by Marti Blattert. We made red, white, and blue star banners to decorate our homes for the Fourth of July. That's always been one of my favorite color combinations. (Don't laugh, but in the early 70s my bedroom in my first home had red, white, and blue shag carpet, and my bedroom furniture was purchased for $75 at an auction and "antiqued" red! I thought I had achieved the ultimate in home decor!)

Anyway, you might consider joining us for a class sometime. We learn new skills, new techniques, and just generally have a good time creating something beautiful.

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