Monday, October 06, 2008

We survived another Scrapbook Generation retreat! It seemed as if everyone was in agreement that this was the best one yet! Our theme was Hollywood Lights, and the decorations, favors, prizes, food, and friendly atmosphere got rave reviews. One of the nicest things that happened was that at different times, several groups of ladies came to us privately and told us that they had recently been to other retreats, and that there was no comparison to our retreats. They mentioned our attention to detail, wonderful food, plentiful snacks, cute decorations, well-organized activities, and "classy" atmosphere!

We have lots of great pictures from the first weekend, but I can't post them here because I want the group who attends the retreat that starts Oct. 24 to be surprised when they see everything! Later, Stacey can put the pics on

We still have the one spot (or a group of two) that resulted from a cancellation in the second retreat. Read what the ladies from this past weekend had to say, and you may want to grab those last two openings! Here are their comments about Scrapbook Generation's weekend retreat in Branson. (Several people mention tickets, and you'll just have to wait until you're at the retreat to find out about those!)

-- "I loved every minute of it. The work area was perfect. The food was excellent and plentiful. I didn't even feel hungry when it was time to eat again -- great job! Oh, I almost forgot, the store had everything and more than what I needed. I can't wait to come back."

-- "This is my first time here. I had a blast. I've been to other retreats and this has been the best so far. The way that you involved everyone in doing sketches (with the contest) is great. You give a lot of good ideas. Also the tickets are a great hit. Thanks alot. I'll see you next year."

-- "Wonderful weekend. Thanks!"

-- "Food - great, store - great, hostesses - fabulous, snacks - wonderful!"

-- "Everything was great as usual! Food was the best ever! I would like to see the retreat start Thursday night or Friday morning. It goes by way too fast. Thank you both for a wonderful weekend!"

-- "The food is wonderful! I liked the way you did the tickets this year."

-- "I had a great time. Please don't change a thing. I can't wait for the spring retreat."

-- "Awesome retreat! Wonderful food."

-- "This is my first retreat ever so I don't have anything to compare to, but I believe for me it has run smoothly. The room was decorated so cute! The food was good. You've done an excellent job. Thank you for a fun weekend!"

-- "Great food! Great time! The food as usual was awesome!"

-- "This is my first ever scrapbook retreat. I can't think of anything I would change other than adding a couple more bingo games. Food and prizes have been excellent. It is obvious that you have put alot of thought and planning into this event. I hope that I will be able to attend future events! Thank you for a wonderful weekend!"

-- "Great round tables! Fantastic food! Everything was great."

-- "Had a fabulous time! Thanks so much for all the work you put into making this such a great weekend for all of us!"

-- "Another great weekend! The food was excellent! Tickets were fun and a great idea! Thank you both for the time you've spent on this weekend!"

-- "Theme A+, hostesses A+, giveaways A+, games A+, facilities A. Perfect A!"

-- "I thought this was great. I had a blast. The "black tie" dinner was awesome. Not sure what you could do better. I think everything was run very well. Thanks for a great weekend."

-- "Food was great - snacks, too!"

-- "Thank you both for such a great retreat! The on-site store was great this retreat! Enjoyed trying to win tickets, great idea. See you next time!"

-- "As always, everything was, prizes, location. It's always a pleasure to be here and I admire your sense of organization and how everything runs so smoothly."

-- "Fabulous food, fabulous fun, fabulous prizes! Can't wait until the next one."

-- "I think you guys did awesome. I loved the food and theme! The Oscars are great! You guys went all out!"

-- I think this has been the best retreat you've done. I like the pizza boxes (full of prizes), the display of prize pages when announced, the food was the greatest, the smiles and friendly attitudes. Great job!"

-- "This was a great retreat. I loved the food. It was not too heavy and even healthy! Last night's dining atmosphere was just as wonderful as the food!"

-- "Another wonderful weekend! Everything was great! Food was great! I like the ticket idea! Can't wait until the next one!"

-- "Thank you for a truly wonderful weekend! The facilities, food, and people were all topnotch. Bless you for providing such a respite for busy scrapbookers. I got lots done!"

-- "Thanks for all your help with me, showing things I need to try. Can't wait until next time!"

-- "I really enjoyed this weekend! Being my first retreat, it was great! I appreciate the attention to detail -- napkin, decor, prizes, etc."

-- "Wow! Awesome! Great selection! Unbelievable food! Fantastic people! Give me more!"

-- "Loved where we sat. Good supply in the store. Food was great, snacks were good, too."

-- "Your retreat is wonderful! Comfortable, easy, relaxing, great food! Enjoy the door prizes. I could handle a few more games of bingo. Thanks for your hard work!"

-- "Everything was excellent this weekend. Prizes were great and fun to earn tickets. Food was wonderful! Snacks super. Hospitality was perfect. Very organized and smooth as usual."

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