Monday, October 27, 2008

Comments from those who attended the second 'Hollywood Lights' retreat...

-- "Workspace was great! Meals were wonderful -- kudos to the caterer! You all do a tremendous job. I know it is hard work to put such an event together and you all are awesome at it!"
-- "I loved everything. Thank you for not crowding us around the tables. Loved the way you decorated for the theme. I can't wait to come back next year."
-- "Thanks for a wonderful weekend of scrapping our memories. I enjoyed everything about it and hope to return in the spring retreat."
-- "Great! Food was great and plenty of it! Plenty of room on the tables."
-- "This is my first of your retreats, but will definitely not be my last. Everything was very well organized and your hard work was obvious. I enjoyed every minute. Great job!"
-- "Love 'earning tickets' and think the 'choice of door prizes' is a great idea! Caterer outdid herself this time!"
-- "You do everything so well! I feel like I get the royal treatment each time I'm here. Because of you, I have met new friends that I will cherish forever."
-- "Wonderful food, prizes, pizza boxes, food, snacks, decorations, 'Kodak moment' spot, food, company, store, games, themes, kits, and food! You guys work SO hard on this and we really appreciate it! Best way to vacation 'far away' without having to drive too far."
-- "Great as always!"
-- "The weekend was well organized and the theme was great and food great, too."
-- "You are doing so much well. Great hotel, lots of working space, great food, snacks, plenty to drink. I loved the tickets -- it was so much fun to go get them. I can't think of anything to improve. You always come up with something different that's fun."
-- "Dinner Saturday, tickets, shopping area were all great. Location is good. I plan to return in March. Snacks and bingo I enjoyed also."
-- "Very organized, good store, friendly and clean hotel, plenty of space to work. I liked the round tables and the Cricut plug-in accessibility. Darling decorations and theme."
-- "Great weekend away. The food was oooh so good! Cool prizes. I really appreciate all your hard work. Can't wait until next time."
-- "You are very organized. That's what it takes to make a great retreat. I've been to many and yours is the best yet. The food was absolutely the best. All the treats and activities keep everything fun and interesting. Thanks ladies, for a great job."
-- "Room wonderful, food fit for a king (and us!) two of the best retreat hostesses/ladies anywhere. All is wonderful, wonderful!"
-- "Fabulous retreat! Thank you for all of your efforts to create a retreat like no other. Food was yummy! Appreciate every fine detail! So fun! Thank you!"
-- "I really admire the way you carry the theme throughout everything. Also that we have space to move around and accommodations for electrical outlets."
--"Awesome caterer. Love the selection of new papers (in the store). Raffle tickets great idea! Fun as always. Hate to see it end."
-- "I had tons of fun! This being my first retreat I thought it was great. I loved having room to spread out. Keep the caterer for sure!"
-- "Scrapbooking - good! Fun - good! Food - really good! Thanks for an amazing weekend, girls! The loud table rocks!"
-- "It was fabulous, as always!"
-- "In comparison to other retreats I have been on, this was by far the best. Having meals catered is a big plus so you don't have to leave. Everything is well organized. Good prizes and games. Using a theme is also a good idea. The cost was higher than I had paid before, but after being here, it was well worth it."
--"The weekend was great! The location is fantastic -- clean and roomy. The snacks were plenty. Thanks for a wonderful retreat!"
-- "Great food, pleasant people. I loved the experience!"
-- "Everything is great! I like the tickets, that is fun. Love the cream cheese and salsa dip. As for the catering, great as always -- loved the green bean bundles. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the long tables!"
-- "Great facility -- love the classes. Great food and fellowship. Good prizes!"
-- "Excellent. They just keep getting better. Tonight's dinner was incredible. It felt like we were being treated to dinner at a five-star restaurant."
-- "All was great -- food, space! Everyone was so pleasant - a great retreat. Good selection of products."
-- "I thought it was great! This was my first retreat and I enjoyed it. Thank you!"
-- "I liked the prizes and scheduled activities. Glad to have a printed schedule, too! Pizza box prizes were great, not chintzy. Great food. I really liked the facilities and cropping space. Lots of room! Thanks for a great time."
-- "As always, you continue to improve on what I thought was already a great time! The pizza boxes this time were so generous! Your theme was fun and decorations were top notch! Thank you for being such a joy to come and visit when I shop your store."

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