Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I wanted to share the only "good" layout I completed at the Arkansas retreat my friend Hazel and I attended this past weekend! From about 5 pm on Friday until after 10 pm on Saturday, we worked on making ugly pages! That translates to mean that we worked on albums for a cruise we had taken almost three years ago, and we spent that whole time sticking hundreds of photos on pages with just a few strips of paper as accents. (Later, I'll do tons of computer journaling about the trip and add to the pages.)

Anyway, my normal method of operation is to complete about 4-5 layouts at a retreat, so semi-completing between 40-50 layouts was quite a change. I used over 150 feet of adhesive runners. I ran out of what I had taken and had to buy some at the retreat. How sad is that -- to own a store and have to buy adhesive from someone else!

We had a good time and got lots of pages done, but this retreat was the polar opposite of the ones we host. There was no theme, no decorations, no beverages except water, no snacks except a small bag at your table, no contests, and no games! The ladies who hosted it were very nice, and they obviously just had a different concept of what a retreat should be like.

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