Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are you ready to go "Girl Crazy?" I have the sample done for my new Girl Crazy Page Kit Club at Scrapbook Generation, and you can see the real page when you stop by the store. This club starts January 1, and we are currently in the process of taking registrations. So that we know how many kits to prepare, we are urging people to sign up by Dec. 15 if at all possible. The billing of $14.99 doesn't take place until January 1! (If you want to see the Boy Crazy page kit for January, just go to Allison's blog -- allisonrdavis.blogspot.com).

With three page and card clubs, it was easy to do money-saving combo pricing by listing all the possible combinations. All you math students know that when you try to do that with five items, it gets crazy. Here's how we plan to make it easier on everyone now that we will have five page and card kit clubs!

You will pay full price for the first club. Any additional clubs are as follows...
-- pay only $10 for every additional $12.99 page or card club;
-- pay only $12 for every additional $14.99 page or card club.
Trust me, that's much easier than a list of zillions of combinations!

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