Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Happy Birthday to us!
Hope you can join us this Saturday as we celebrate the second birthday of our hugely popular "sketch sessions." When I came up with this idea two years ago, I wasn't sure how these classes would go over. And when I tried to explain my idea to the rest of the gang here at Scrapbook Generation, I still wasn't sure the whole concept would be a success, or that anybody but me would understand what I wanted to do. Anyway, that's all in the past, and our sketch sessions continue to be the most popular events we host at SG. In addition, we've sold thousands of copies of volumes one, two, and three of our sketch books to scrappers in the Springfield area and across the country! (Watch for volume four in July!)

To celebrate this milestone, we have special events planned for this Saturday.
-- Everyone who attends one of the sketch sessions gets 20% off the cost of their sketch session papers, and VIP Club members get to add an extra 20% on top of their regular discount of 5-20% off their sketch session papers.
-- We'll have birthday cake and other goodies for you.
-- Everyone who attends the sketch sessions receives a special-edition booklet of five exclusive sketches by Debbie Sanders. These sketches will never be published in any of our sketch books.
-- We'll be using the great Bo-Bunny papers pictured above, but like always, if these papers are not for you, you have the freedom to choose any other papers at SG you would like to use.
-- If you aren't already signed up, please do so quickly. The 10 and 11:30 sessions are already full, and there are just a handful of spots remaining in the 1 and 2:30 sessions.

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