Monday, June 21, 2010

A very special sneak peek!

I've been so anxiously awaiting the time when we could show you the revised-revised cover for our Sketches for Scrapbooking series. As we went further into the process of professional printing for the books, we decided that our first redo wasn't what we wanted. Stacey has been working on this project the past few weeks, and I love the results.

This is what the cover of volume six will look like. Get ready for July 1, when the books go on sale!

The other volumes will follow the same format, and will each feature a different color and a different layout by Allison from a sketch in the book.

We're working hard to get the other five volumes revised and to the printer in time for all six volumes to debut at CHA in Chicago in late July. This is a huge project for us! Thanks so much for your encouragement and support as we prepare to introduce Scrapbook Generation Publishing to the world!


Christa Allgood said...

Love the cover!! It's so bright and colorful!! Congratulations...I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Penny Peck said...

Wahoo! Great job as always!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rhonda H said...

Wondering if there is a DVD update???

Scrapbook Generation said...

We're frantically trying to have the DVD completed for CHA in late July. We met with the producer yesterday and saw what is done at this point. The nine class portions -- great. The 25 printable sketches -- look great and print perfectly. The graphics/other parts -- not where we want and need them to be, even after all this time.

We (SG) are all in agreement that we can't let something that represents us be beneath our standards. Frustrated doesn't begin to describe how we feel at this point, but we're not giving up on it, even to the point of exploring other avenues to get if finished in a high-quality manner.

Thanks for asking about it. We hope to have better news soon. -- Debbie