Monday, June 06, 2011

Helping Nikki Sivils help Joplin...
Nikki Sivils has launched an extremely worthwhile project to replace scrapbooking supplies lost by people in Joplin affected by the recent tragic tornado. Scrapbook Generation is happy to help her with this project in a couple of ways: by donating our sketch books and other supplies and by serving as a drop-off site for your donations.

"Let's join together and give the ladies affected by the Joplin tornado a new start on their scrapbooking hobby," Nikki said. "These wonderful ladies are scrapbookers, but lost everything -- including all of their scrapbooking supplies -- when their homes were leveled by the tornado. I want to help them get started again with some basic supplies. Let's give them their hobby back!"

In the wake of all this loss, Nikki has decided to host a month long “Nikki Sivils Scrapbook Drive” for her fellow scrapbookers and crafters who live in Joplin. By the end of June, she wants to have a new starter kit for all the scrapbookers who had their homes leveled by the storm.  The first week of July she would like to surprise them with the “basic” supplies that allow them to get their hobby back.

Nikki and crew (including Katrina Hunt, who many of you know from taking mini-classes at our special events) are taking donations from other scrapbooking companies, but individuals are also welcome to help by donating both old and new supplies.

Basic supplies Nikki is suggesting all of us donate include paper trimmers, rulers, cutting mats, ribbon, pens, scissors, craft knives, inks, cardstock, adhesive, paper, punches, and stamps. She plans to make at least 50 starter kits to be distributed in Joplin.

Scrapbook Generation is serving as the drop-off site for local donations to the Nikki Sivils Scrapbook Drive. Please bring your donations to SG by June 22.

We've donated a volume of Sketches For Scrapbooking for each of the 50 starter kits, and we'll also be sending papers and other products for the 50 packages.

You can also send your donations directly to Nikki.
Please send product or checks to this address by June 22. 
Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker LLC
Attn: Joplin Scrapbook Supplies
2263 S Oakbrook Ave
Springfield, MO 65809

We know the generosity of our customers and friends, and know that many of us have already donated cash, supplies, and our time to help the people of Joplin. We've all watched the news, heard the stories, and shed more than a few tears. Now, we can join together and show our generosity in a different way to the people we've thought about for weeks. The immediate needs of food and shelter have largely been met. I'm thinking it will be nice to also meet other needs... we can lift the spirits of those who lost everything except their lives.

I'm also sending out a big "what a great idea" to Nikki Sivils and her crew. This project has taken a lot of work to plan, organize, and publicize. Great job!


Mary Anne Goth said...

after i get back home from Texas i will go through my supplies and donate stuff

Nikki Sivils said...

Thanks so much SG!!