Sunday, June 12, 2011

We promised confetti!

Time to celebrate! The Two Peas in a Bucket message board thread started in March about Scrapbook Generation's Super Sketch Club kit has reached 1,000 comments, and an unbelievable 25,680 views. While the thread started off talking about the SSC, the Peas have also had fun chatting about our Sketches For Scrapbooking books, Karin's phone skills, SG's customer service, Scrap-a-Palooza, and all things Allison Davis!

Because of this thread (and other similar ones on the Willow Traders forum and on the Creating Keepsakes forum), the SSC has had almost unbelievable growth the past few months. We can't thank everyone enough for the business they have sent our way because of the heartfelt comments about our products and our customer service. (I guess now is not the time to reveal that I somehow shipped an empty box to a new club member while Stacey and Ali were on vacation last week!)

We've always thought we were so fortunate to have the most awesome, friendly, and caring customers here in Springfield and the surrounding area. Now we're happy to add many, many new long-distance friends to that mix. Thanks so much to all of you, both near and far, for supporting the SG gals, our products, and our activities!


Katrina said...

HAHA Debbie, I almost spit all over my monitor!!! You guys are going to need some help! LOL

Scrapbook Generation said...

Yes, the same reaction I had when I found out what I had done! Spitting, not the laughing! -- Debbie

ZoezMom said...

Fantastic news about SSC gaining popularity! Congratulations!

Sue said...

Congratulations! Your about to get even busier. SG was a product pick on the most recent podcast for Paperclipping Roundtable (PRT#71). Here's the link: Scroll down to product picks.
Way to go! Love your products and your customer service!