Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Email newsletter apology...

I'm so sorry that recently I often end up having to send out a corrected copy of the SG email newsletters. Here's what happens: for some reason, my camera has started sometimes giving photos duplicate numbers. When I place the photos in the newsletter and send myself a copy, everything looks great. When I send it out to thousands of people, if I've let two photos slip in with the same number, then the most recent one bumps out the older one and I have a photo that doesn't match the story.

So, apologies for once again having to send out a replacement. And if anyone knows how to keep a camera or computer from reusing the same numbers, I'd love to know that trick!

1 comment:

Nicole Michelle Gray said...

have you tried renaming your files to newsletter nov 1 and 2 etc? it should be super easy depending on your computer.