Sunday, March 18, 2012

Camp SG, weekend one...

Favors included a cupcake in a jar and other goodies.

Friday evening dinner: white chili, red chili, cornbread, apples, and two kinds of cookies.

Late night snack buffet.

Saturday lunch: grilled burgers and hot dogs, baked beans, pasta salad, chips, and s'mores.

Members of the Two Peas message board, and their mascot, The Hoff (long story involved!).

Saturday evening dinner: barbecue chicken, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, salad in a jar, and mini-chocolate chip cheesecakes.

These scrapbookers traveled from Texas, Florida, and Illinois to join us.

Let the contest judging begin!

Contest winners.
Contest winners.

Some creative campers made these cool shirts!


Jaime said...

We had such a great time! Looking forward to the fall crop :)

ZoezMom said...

Thank you, thank you, SG gals for all of the spoiling this past weekend! I know you all work so hard to make every detail perfect for your retreats and it is noticed and very much appreciated.

Kelly said...

The Hoff! (I read the Two Peas boards). Looks like lots of fun!