Friday, March 09, 2012

Retreat classes...

Allison Davis, teacher
Friends (two layouts below)
Fee: $20

Allison Davis, teacher
Happy Day (three layouts below)
Fee: $25

Debbie Sanders, teacher
True Blue (three layouts below)
Fee: $22

Debbie Sanders, teacher
Celebrate (four layouts below)
Fee: $25

People attending the retreats...
These are the four classes that will be offered at our two Branson retreats this month. Anyone who takes a class must enroll and pay prior to the retreat. Kits are also available to those attending the retreat, with the same process, enroll and pay prior to the retreat. Call 417-886-0440 (class seating at the retreat is limited, so it will be first come, first served!)

People NOT attending the retreats...
We learned our lesson last time! We have already ordered extra materials and are making kits of these four classes. They will be available at on Monday, March 26, at the end of the second retreat. The number of kits will be determined by how many are left after the people attending the retreat have made their purchases. (If you are in the VIP shipping program, we'll be able to add one or more of these kits to your box at no extra charge, and if your total purchases in March exceed $125, everything will ship free!)

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