Monday, May 07, 2012

Thanks for your business!

Thanks so much to all of you who shopped with us on Friday and Saturday here at SG, and to the huge amount of people who participated in our first-ever online rewards promotion in honor of National Scrapbooking Day.

Nikki Sivils and Katrina Hunt teach two cute free projects in the lobby.

One of the three Super Saver Scrapbooking sessions we offered on Saturday.

Nikki Sivils chats with a group of ladies who drove up from Arkansas. In fact, we may have had more Arkansas visitors than we had "locals." Thanks for making the trip to spend the day with us!

Nikki Sivils and her four latest collections.

Katrina Hunt and Nikki taught free mini-classes all day long. We really appreciate their efforts for our combined National Scrapbooking Day and Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker Day festivities.

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Lesley said...

My mother in law and I had a great time!