Monday, December 17, 2012

Change is good!

We're making some changes, effective with January, to improve both our Saturday activities here at the store, and the Super Sketch Club.

NEW for both!
• No more Debbie Sanders sketch Saturday.
• No more Allison Davis sketch Saturday.

• They will both be replaced. The second Saturday of the month (and the second portion of the Super Sketch Club) will now be Sketch Day One. The third Saturday of the month (and the third portion of the Super Sketch Club) will now be Sketch Day Two. The materials will remain the same: two sheets of cardstock and three sheets of patterned paper. 

• Here's where it gets good! Sketch Day One and Sketch Day Two (and the corresponding portions of the SSC) will now have options. Great options! Debbie and Allison will now both be designing a sketch for both Saturdays. If you participate here at SG, or if you are a SSC member, you'll now receive TWO free sketches each Saturday (or in your kit). Choose to make the layout you like best!

• Bottom line. Super Sketch Club members will now receive two more sketches each month at NO EXTRA CHARGE. People who take the classes here at SG will now receive an additional sketch each Saturday at NO EXTRA CHARGE. (No action is necessary on your part -- we'll make this change to add more value with your January kits!) The Super-Saver Scrapbooking portion of the club, which is our first-Saturday-of-the-month activity here at SG, will remain unchanged.

Options for Super Sketch Club members with this new format:
• Some of you may know that you'll always want to be able to make both the Debbie and Allison layouts each Saturday. Starting with January, you can enroll in Super Sketch Club Double Up. For an additional $10 ($30 per month instead of $20), you'll receive an extra set of materials for both the Sketch Day One and Sketch Day Two portions of the club.

• Some of you may want to occasionally order extra materials so that you can make both the Debbie and Allison layouts from a particular Saturday. We will have a limited number of extra sets of paper available as add-ons online only. Once they are sold out, the option is unavailable.

• And last, we've heard your comments! Starting in January, we will offer an optional embellishment that coordinates with each of the Sketch Day One and Sketch Day Two papers. The embellishment will usually range from $1.99 to $5.99. The item(s) won't be used on the sample sketch layouts; they are offered for those who would like to add another level of interest and creativity to their pages. Again, there will be a limited number of embellishment add-ons available online only, and once they are sold out, the option is unavailable. (The SSC embellishment add-ons will not increase your shipping fee!)

We think you will love these changes and options! We're hoping that you can please share this information with your scrapbooking friends, through social media outlets or through message boards. Thanks so much in advance!

All changes listed above will be available at after the first of the year. 


Kelly said...

I LOVE the idea of the add on embellishment!!!!!!!

MarciaD said...

Great news! Love all the changes!

MarciaD said...
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Julie said...

Love all the add ons! I'd be willing to pay a little extra for one more tiny add on...a photo of the completed pages. I'm not usually near my computer when I scrap, but I love referring to the color pictures while I'm working. Any chance that could be added on as well?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Julie, a photo would be so helpful with our SSC monthly kit!

kristy said...

I agree about the photo. It would be a big help

Lynette said...

I might just "need" to subscribe;-)

Shirley said...

Just to make sure I understand the new guidelines for the online Super Sketch Club members...

With the $30 kit which will include two additional sketches, will the material from each additional sketch be for two totally different paper collections? I guess I'm asking if the $30 kit will have 7 sketches with 5 different paper collections (where the $20 kit contains 5 sketches with 3 different paper collections).

Thank you!

Scrapbook Generation said...

Thanks for the comments! We appreciate hearing that you like the changes we've worked on.

Shirley, when we say "extra materials," we mean a second set of the exact same supplies. Hope that explains it better for you.


Scrapbook Generation said...

And actually, Shirley, just wanted to clarify that the $20 kit will also contain seven sketches, two more than in the past. -- Debbie