Monday, December 03, 2012

I have news!

I have SO many things to tell you about today!

1. In the next day or two, you'll be able to purchase SG gift cards online. The gift cards will be printable, so they can be presented as gifts, and can be used to make online purchases. Just as soon as the system is up and running, I'll post the info here and on Facebook.

2. We also have traditional gift cards available here at SG for our local customers. Our gift cards have no expiration date!

 3. Scrapbook Generation will publish two new sketches books in January. We'll be providing more details later this month.

4. Because of the craziness that is December, we'll be combining our regular Debbie Sanders kit release and our regular Allison Davis kit release into one event. Next Tuesday, Dec. 11, we'll have at least 8 new multi-layout Christmas-themed kits for you to purchase!

5. Sometime this week, we'll be adding over 70 styles of 12x12 Crafters Workshop templates to our online store!

6. Wednesday, Dec. 26 through Saturday, Dec. 29, we will be hosting our first-ever "classroom" sale. Our huge classroom will be filled to the brim with sale items and some of the best deals we've ever offered on papers, embellishments, kits and more. We'll also be selling hundreds and hundreds of sample layouts and cards from our kit clubs and classes. As we get the items finalized, we'll let you know exactly what to expect, and we'll also post some photos once we get everything in the classroom.

7. Starting January 2, we will be launching a new customer loyalty program for in-store shopping. We're still working out all the details, but are planning to give you rewards that will be calculated by our computer system and printed on your receipts, all based on your purchases. 

8. Also starting in January, we're making changes in the Super Sketch Club and in two of the Saturday activities we do each month here at SG -- the Debbie Sanders sketch sessions and the Allison Davis sketch sessions. We've been doing the sketch sessions here at the store since April of 2007, and it's time to liven things up! I'm not going to give details now, because I don't want anyone to think the changes start this month. As soon as the Allison sketch is over for December, I'll give you all the details. For now, all I can tell you is that everything you love about the activities and the club will stay the same. Same Saturdays. Same materials. Same price. We've just figured out a way to give you more options and more value for your money. I know you're going to absolutely love the change!


janet said...

Okay- that's it. I am officially moving to Springfield. LOL!
Can't wait for more of the 'news'.

Scrapbook Generation said...

Janet, you have a standing invitation to drop in any time. I might even give you a tour of the Ozarks! -- Debbie

Treava said...

I am moving to Springfield too.
Can't wait to hear about all the great news coming.

Scrapbook Generation said...

Welcome, Treva! Join the crowd -- really looking forward to meeting you. -- Debbie

janet said...

Treava- we could really make Debbie and Allison work...ha!
Debbie- you guys are rockin' this year. Keep up all the great work- SO excited for you and for us!
woo hoo!