Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scrap-a-Palooza problem

Several of you have contacted us when you received an email a couple of days ago showing another event advertised at Remington's on the date we have been publicizing for Scrap-a-Palooza. We can't thank you enough for that information, because it was news -- bad news -- for us.

We contacted Chris Louzader of Midwest Family Broadcasting. Chris sets the dates and books the venue for the event. She was unaware of the situation, and started immediately working to resolve it. Geoff at Remington's quickly admitted that the mistake was his and also started working to resolve the problem.

We have been getting updates from Chris since yesterday, and the latest one today came with the information that Scrap-a-Palooza will NOT be the event at Remington's on March 2. A garage sale will be held there instead.

I considered waiting until the situation is resolved to announce this, but I didn't want anyone to make any further travel plans or work-related plans in the next few days without knowing what is going on. I'm aware that many of you have already taken off work, and have even booked flights, including one group we know of that is coming from California. Please don't panic just yet. Chris is trying to find an alternative location.

Here's what we know for sure:
• We won't be holding Scrap-a-Palooza at Remington's on March 2.
• Chris is looking for a suitable alternate location in Springfield to hold Scrap-a-Palooza on a one-time basis on March 2.

So, bottom line, if you have already purchased your ticket or made work or travel plans, please just hang in there. If you haven't made any plans or purchased tickets, please wait a couple of days until we have more information for you. We're doing everything we can to keep everyone happy.

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