Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Great response!

We're getting a huge response to our notice about signing up for a new mailing list for those interested in advance notice of any weekend crops we'll be hosting here at SG. Over 500 of you (some from as far away as Canada!) have already let us know you want to be on the new list.

We have decided to announce all of our 2013 weekend crops at once. We're waiting on confirmation of a plan that could make our May 4 National Scrapbooking Day hoopla a part of this crop schedule. Once we know for sure what we'll be doing that day, we'll announce the entire 2013 schedule.

People who have signed up for the weekend crop mailing list will receive an email notification 48 hours prior to the announcement here on the blog and on Facebook. Once we announce the entire schedule, you'll be able to sign up for any of the 2013 weekend crops.

Sign up for the list by sending an email to

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