Monday, March 25, 2013

Sadness today

Nikki Majors and her mother, Elaine Littrell, at our fall 2012 retreat.

Facebook may get a little crazy at times, but it does keep you informed. I just read this morning that one of our dear customers/friends is gone. Elaine Littrell had a stroke several weeks ago, and I learned from her daughter, Nikki Majors, that Elaine has died.

We've been watching Nikki's reports since her mother's stoke, and Elaine was such a forceful, lively, active person that in my mind I fully expected her to recover. Such an unwelcome surprise to find out otherwise. Many of you will remember this mother-daughter duo from several of our retreats, and also store activities.

And while I'm mentioning Elaine, it also makes me think of Betty Ann Shuert, who lost her husband just days ago. He had been suffering from a long illness, so it wasn't an unexpected death, but that doesn't make it any eaiser. Betty Ann has been on our minds recently, and we know that many of you know and care about her as well.

Our condolences to both families.


Angela L. said...

How kind of you to mention these ladies that are in need of special prayers now. I don't know either of them, however for some reason my heart felt heavy and I had to blink away the tears. An easy explanation of my reaction would be that it makes me sad to hear of anyone suffering or grieving but in reality it has something to do with the deep bond that is felt by all of the beautiful souls who love creating and making our memories into wonderful works of Art. So, yes we are all family! Nikki and Betty Ann, I am deeply sorry for your losses... The both of you will be in my thoughts and prayers...

Scrapbook Generation said...

Angela: I believe you are right. Thanks for taking the time to express it so well.