Friday, April 12, 2013

Big download day approaching!

Next Tuesday, in addition to our usual downloads from Allison Davis, we have something different for you!

New e-book releases coming on April 16:
Sketches for Scrapbooking: Travel Sketches as an e-book, identical to the print book already available.

Sketches for Scrapbooking, volume 8, with three options.
-- Option 1: Everything! The 30 original sketches, 30 sketch variations with 5x7s, 30 sketch variations with 8x10s, and 30 color layout examples of the original sketches by Allison Davis and Debbie Sanders;
-- Option 2: The 30 original sketches and 30 color layout examples;
-- Option 3: The 30 sketch variations with 5x7s, 30 sketch variations with 8x10s (so that the ones of you who already own the print book can still purchase the 60 variations without having to buy the book again).

With this release, all of our publications will be available in both print and e-book forms. All of our future sketch books, including One on One which comes out later this month, will include color layout examples.


Scrapthat said...

I have soooo been waiting for the travel e-book!! We are going on Vacation so I am on a temporary freeze but as soon as I come home....that baby is MINE! and will be perfect for scrapping my vacation pics! YIPPEE!! (I'm a tad excited)
Top that up with Volume 8 and I should have my pictures scrapped in RECORD time!! :D
How fabulous! Thanks for the heads up! :D

Scrapthat said...

AH! so excited I missed that one on one will be coming shortly!! Oh man it's like an SG Christmas!! :D

Scrapbook Generation said...

Glad you're excited! I think the travel book is the one I use most -- I think you'll really like it.