Thursday, September 12, 2013

Over 20 overstock club kits added to online store!

We have a treat for you today, especially if you've always wanted to try out the five layout and card kits that we offer in addition to the Super Sketch Club.

We've just added over 18 styles of layout and 4 styles of card kits to SG's online store. All were originally part of the Generation Page Kit club, Generation Card Kit club, Allison Davis Hall of Fame Page Kit club, Boy Crazy Page Kit club, or the Girl Crazy Page Kit club.

While there are lots of styles, these kits are all in extremely limited quantities. All but three have 15 or less available, others may have only a couple of kits.

Click here to shop the layout kits (overstock kits are labeled "new").
Click here to shop the card kits (overstock kits are labeled "new").

1 comment:

Just_Lizzie said...

I want some. Heading over to the store to check things out!