Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Sharing some SG sketch praise!

From time to time, we receive wonderful letters from people who have just discovered SG sketches, or who are long-time users. More often than not, we get one of these letters right in the middle of some of our crazy times, and the letter never fails to cheer us up! I wanted to share this recent letter with you...

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful sketch books and I can't wait to purchase the new 'One on One' edition. I have been scrapbooking for a long time but I am slow, enjoying the process as much as the finished layout. This becomes a problem when non-scrapbooking people ask me to make a scrapbook of their new baby, grandchild, event, graduation albums, etc. I also somehow got nominated to be the official scrapbooker for our local breast cancer survivor dragon boat team. I suppose I should say no to the requests and work on my own photo albums but I don't. I love the challenge of capturing the feel and the story of people and events that weren't part of my life. But I work full time and have other volunteer involvements that take time as well.

Then I discovered your wonderful sketch books. I can't believe how quickly I can go from a handful of photos to a finished layout. No more hours (literally!) of moving photos around the background page, cutting up cardstock only to decide that I don't like it and starting over. With your books I can create a layout in about 30 minutes and each layout is different, not cookie cutter style. I don't waste time, product, paper and money doing and redoing pages because I don't like the result.

Now when someone asks if I can make an album for them, I feel confident that I can without the project taking over my life. I love how individual each layout can be with different papers and embellishments. Thank you so much for these wonderful books."

Thanks, Sue, from the SG team!

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