Monday, October 28, 2013

Magazine progress...

With our new digital magazine -- Scrapbook Generation's CREATE -- moving steadily toward publication in January, we wanted to share a few things with you today.

Submissions for the January Readers Gallery:
The layouts and cards are starting to roll in, from all over the globe! It looks like we won't have any trouble at all filling those pages -- so many beautiful items to choose from. Please keep sending us your work! You have about three more weeks to send us your projects -- the deadline is Nov. 20. To find the sketches your work should be based on, click here.

Manufacturer feature for the January issue:
In a couple of days, we'll be sending the four sketches for January to the first manufacturer to be showcased. We're proud to announce that Fancy Pants Designs and its design team, led by owner Jodi Sanford, will be working with Scrapbook Generation sketches for our very first issue! They will be creating projects based on a double-page layout sketch and a card sketch by Allison Davis, and a single-page layout sketch and a tag sketch by Debbie Sanders.

Later this week:
As soon as we hear back from one manufacturer, we'll be ready to announce the companies lined up for the first 10 months of 2014. As we've said before, you'll be thrilled with all the leading scrapbooking manufacturers that will be working with SG sketches and set to be featured in CREATE.

The CREATE team:
Soon, we'll also be announcing the scrapbookers who will be making up the CREATE team, the magazine's design team. This team is made up of 14 talented scrapbookers who will be undertaking layout challenges each month. We think you'll love what they contribute to the magazine!


Tya Smith said...

Please, please Please tell me you have asked Doodlebug Design to be a part of this! I am on the Design Team and would LOVE to be able to take part in this fun new adventure! If you need a contact let me know :)

Scrapbook Generation said...

Hi, Tya! Doodlebug is definitely among the companies we are talking to about the magazine. I'm working with Allison Ashby right now, and if you want to put in a good word, that would be much appreciated! -- Debbie

Tya Smith said...

I will see her tomorrow Debbie - so I will for sure make it happen! Thanks! Can't wait for the magazine! I love you guys! Talented and super duper nice to boot! :)

jj said...

Thank you for the up date on the magazine. I have been checking this blog every day to get tidbits of information. Having only had paper magazines, how does an online publication work?

Scrapbook Generation said...

JJ, you'll be able to read the magazine on your computer or tablet, or download it to save. You more or less "turn" pages like in a paper magazine. Unlike paper magazines that are also available as digital mags, ours will concentrate on making everything readable at first glance, instead of you having to zoom in to be able to read/see it. I think you'll like it! -- Debbie

Steffanie said...

I'm very excited! Can't wait to see this roll out in January! Do we really have to wait THAT LONG?!?!

Anonymous said...

A new year and so much to look forward to with your new magazine! Can't wait! Hooray and best wishes!